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Tosh fit, the training

If you’re the type of person who wants to have absolute control over how you move your body, with freedom, strength and power, then you are in the right place! 

You live in your body for the rest of your life… treat it well and keep it strong so it will always be there to hold you up, getting you through all the things you have to do, be it the happy moments or the moments that just plain suck.  I believe in functional dynamic movement to build a foundation of strength, dedication and beautiful posture. And eating food that serves your body that you actually enjoy, while having fun doing all of it!

No exercise program is going to miraculously solve your problems unless you show up. When you show up, we are here to work!  Its about getting that S%*T done so you can handle the rest of your day like it ain’t no thang!  Your body is going to feel and move in ways that you’ve never experienced before and that in its self speaks for my expertise.  It speaks for what i do, because it’s different. I’m not here to give you some generic workout and training experience, we’re here to get down and dirty into why you want to move and what needs to happen to really get you there! Now lets get into why ↓ 




NASM UFC/MMA Conditioning Specialist

TRX Straps & Rip Training

Rock Tape Doc

Dotfit Nutrition

USFSA Senior Gold Test Competitor

NISA Senior Test National Competitor

PSA Skating Coach

10+ years of Coaching Experience

16+ years Competitive & Professional Skating Experience

Skating Accomplishments:

NISA Senior Test National Competitor

USFSA Senior Gold Test Competitor

US Junior National Competitior

Central Pacific Regional Senior Gold Medalist

PSA Skating Coach

10+ years of Coaching Experience

16+ years Competitive & Professional Skating Experience

Ice Castle International Training Center Student 5yrs

Student of Rafael Arutyunyan, Vera Arutyunyan and Nadia Kanaeva


Happy Clients


“Tashe is a wonderful trainer. She is so patient and greeted me with a big smile early in the morning and always set me up for a great day with an awesome work out. She’ll get you to push yourself further than you think you can go; after every workout I felt accomplished. Her expertise and knowledge of physiology is top notch!”

Matthew I


“Tashe has an extraordinary ability to pinpoint problem areas and customize exercises to target and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Her approach toward injury rehab is smart, direct and even fun!”

Amanda S


“I have had issues with my knees since I was in high school, eventually causing me to quit playing sports because the irritation/pain wasn’t worth the “hobby”. I’d seen orthopedic specialists who suggested having fluid drained from my knees regularly, along with specific strengthening exercises around the knee which only seemed to agitate them more.  Since my early 20’s I have worked out with numerous “gym trainers”, and even a few private trainers, all with varying degrees of success. Sure, I always had some increased muscle tone and/or weight loss, but I’d sort of decided my rounded hips, troubled knees, and other “problem spots” were just something I would always have.

Finally, at 33, I began working out with Tashe 3x’s a week.  She had me slimmed down and toned up more than I ever had been.  Not only was I finally losing my dreaded back-fat, finding definition in my triceps and back that was still feminine and not bulky (a preference of mine) and carving out my long sought-after indentation on the sides of my hips, but more importantly, my years of knee pain had been cured. After just a few months of consistently working out with her, I was able to run, jump and move in ways that had been restricted for nearly 20 years.  Tashe has an awareness and understanding of some of the most un-perceivable micro-movements and can pinpoint problems and adjustments that need to be made, helping to ensure that the appropriate muscles are being engaged, creating proper alignment, support and ultimately, a more effective workout with noticeable results, both visible and below the surface.   Her knowledge of when to tweak a workout, versus when to roll out, stretch, and/or use myofascial release techniques helped me to maximize my workouts and see results I never thought were possible. 

It’s been two years since Tashe changed my perception of my body and its potential, and I can’t imagine what life would be like now, at 7 months pregnant, if I still had those same knee issues, or hadn’t built up the muscle strength I have, thanks to her!! I feel so much stronger, and so much more aware of my body’s needs and abilities, and, at 35, I feel more capable than in my twenties!”

Nicole PR


“Tashe is simply the best personal trainer I have had, and I have had a few.  I think it is because she herself is so focused and has such a positive attitude and also doesn’t take any prisoners!  She helped me motivate physically and mentally to pass a really big and important test.  She helped whip me into the best shape of my life and to just look and feel my best!  I even brought my mother with me to a session because I was showing my mom a new city and this felt like a fun activity to do with her because Tashe made it fun!  And I looked forward to each and every session and never found her complaining, like I did with some other trainers, about the early hours or anything else.  Not only is she focused on improvement every time, but she is simply so professional!  Thank you Tashe!  Keep up the great work!”

Alexandra M


“Tashe is an excellent trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to each clients needs, & she is amazingly intuitive, knowing just what your body needs. Because her knowledge is so vast, she is able to create all kinds of fun and interesting workouts. On top of all that she has one of the most delightful personalities ever!”

Lisette J


“The last 12 weeks have been a huge lifestyle change for me. I am excited for this new chapter and ready to see myself transform over the next few months. Sometimes as moms we get so busy with the daily grind we forget to put our health as a priority. I’ve learned to set an example for my children about healthy habits and most of all show them anything is possible with hard work and believing in yourself even when times feel otherwise. Here’s to all you mamas out there on your fitness journey, cheers to making your dreams come true.”

Jenn A


“I joined a gym after a major surgery.  As part of the package I was assigned a trainer.  How lucky was I to get Tashe!  The thing I like best about her is that she has the perfect blend of compassion and take no prisoners!  I was 60 when I started and thought we would take things slow.  But she pushed me and I progressed much faster.  I’m now 65 and in the best shape of my life!  And...she has the best hair in the business!”

Beth R


“I have been with Tashe for over a year now.  I love working out with her and learning more about my body.  The exercises change all the time so I am never bored. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes working out so much fun with seeing the results that make us smile.  She is a motivator, and the best trainer I have experienced.”

Sarah V


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Your body is your tool for life.  Whether you're a Businessman, Actress, Athlete, Yogi, Teacher or Muti-media Tech Wiz, you need your body to work.  I will show you how to make your body work at its absolute best for what you need to do in your everyday life.

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