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I am Tashe Smith.

I teach people to move.  Whether in the gym or on the ice, let me help you find your freedom.

Whether it's pain relief, weight-loss or athletic performance, I enjoy seeing the transformation that happens in their body and mind throughout the process.  

My clients will tell you that I'm very specific about form and positioning in their sessions.  How you move is EVERYTHING!  Improve how you move and you can get rid of daily aches and pains, improve posture, accelerate weigh-loss and significantly increase strength.  

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Increase flexibility

Get your free "STRETCH" Ebook today! Stretch is a full body static stretching routine you can do at home or in the gym after a workout or small warm-up of 5-10 min. You'll learn how to stretch your hips, back, and shoulders in an easy to follow routine.