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Personal Training goes far beyond simply guiding you through workouts. It’s about the process of learning to move your body, connecting to your mind and discovering your deepest motivations.

We work out to feel better. Feel better about our physique. We move to release endorphins and serotonin to improve our mood. In turn when you feel better, you take better care of your body. Move it with purpose, fill it with quality fuel, and see it shine.

Following and sticking to a fitness and nutrition plan is tough, and there will be days when connecting to your motivation is a struggle. That’s when having a personal trainer is transformative. I provide the accountability, guidance and support that's pivotal to your success.

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Coaching can help you move with grace and ease towards goals you never thought possibleF. Learn to fly, jump, and spin on the ice. From beginner to competitive levels. Build your skating skills with edge and movement exercises. Train your Jump & Spin technique for consistency and accuracy.

With over 16+ years as a competitive skater and 10+ as a coach I can help you align your mind and body to uncover your deepest motivations. By building your strength and focus you can transform your body and achieve athletic feats you had never thought possible.

Recreational Figure Skating. All skill levels for all ages.

Competitive Figure Skating. USFS compétitive track figure skater Juvenile-Senior level.


Off Ice Training is also available to build a foundation of stability, strength and power specifically geared towards figure skating. Work on balance, agility, speed and endurance to improve your skating on the ice. To be the best on the rink, skaters must spend endless hours strengthening and conditioning their bodies off the ice to build strength for the sport. Learn:

proper warm-up drills

flexibility stretches

cool-down routines

strength training exercises

jump and plyometric training programs

endurance conditioning exercises

to prevent for on-ice injury and improve athletic performance

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